Open Letter to Joan Rivers

Dear Mrs. Rivers,

having read this article:

I can’t not respond. First of all, after all the cosmetic procedures you’ve had done and are likely continue to have done, you’re one to talk about health… Did you know that full anaesthesia kills brain cells every time you go under? You might as well ask someone to knock you out with a baseball bat – much cheaper! Did you know hospitals tend to make you sick because, well, all of the city’s sick gather in that one place that is so desperately sanitized with chemicals that will see some of those patience returning a couple decades later – to the oncology ward?
Do you know what the “tox” in “Botox” stands for? It stands for “toxin”. For “don’t touch that shit and most certainly don’t have it injected into your body”.

Your hypocrisy is thinly veiled, though you’re probably convinced otherwise in your overconfident attitude. You are no exception to “health concerns” fat haters. It’s actually a common practice to defend the blatant disrespect and dehumanizing discrimination against fat people with “but, because, fat isn’t healthy”.

From a certain point up, obesity may indeed be unhealthy, or at least potentially so. Fat itself is actually rather healthy, if not present excessively. But what’s excess? Dunham’s modest layer of insulation? Oh please.

But smoking is unhealthy from the first draft, while obesity isn’t problematic from the first pound… Alcoholics, let’s not even. Don’t get me started on irresponsible driving. Unprotected casual sex. And walking while black in the US. 

How noble of you to intervene when a somewhat overweight woman showed herself on TV wearing a bikini. How noble of you to warn that she will make other women crave to stay fat and diabetic. Though I know very few diabetics, while knowing many overweight people no less healthy than my skinny or normal acquaintances. Actually, for some reason, most of my athletic friends describe themselves as cripples. Ah, sports injuries. Gotta love that healthy lifestyle! While I’m right here with a high bone density and blood panels you should all bow to. And weighing, umm, twice of whatever you weigh, Mrs. Rivers.

But back to the nobility of your profound concern for the unhealthy image promoted by fat acceptance or at least, a lack of self-hate displayed by a minority of overweight people because the majority is caving under the excessive hatred directed their way.

Where were you, Mrs. Rivers, when another action hero was glorified on the big screen for shooting and blowing up all that moved? I mean, that sure wasn’t healthy.
Where were you, Mrs. Rivers, during all those car and other vehicle chases in every single Hollywood movie? Where were you to reprimand the makers that this may encourage road rage in viewers?
Where were you, Mrs. Rivers, when every Hollywood movie with a couple in it, glorified having spontaneous – unprotected – sex within the first 2 dates, possibly in the rubble of a previous battle field with nails and shards everywhere? Where were you then, to warn viewers that this is how to get HIV? 
Where were you, Mrs. Rivers, when those teen-geared movies and TV shows such as Skins, showed off the coolness of drug abuse? 
Where were you, Mrs. Rivers, when Nicole Kidman had been so botoxed up that she looked angry even when she was trying to laugh?
Where were you, Mrs. Rivers, every time Hollywood glorified some sort of violence (very unhealthy!) as a first resort?

You, Mrs. Rivers, were nowhere to be found.

People like you hide behind health concerns in order to dehumanize, disrespect, and mock fat people. Because fancy terms such as “health risks” and “sincere concern” protect you from looking like those mindless schoolyard bullies who just shout “Die, fat cow!” you are truly not above. If the health of fat people were the true concern of fat haters, those same people would be just as passionately bashing smokers, road ragers, parents who put guns in their kids’ hands, animal husbandry, promiscuous people, drug users, boozeheads, etc. because the health risks they are exposing themselves to, are not smaller by any means than obesity. 
Yes, a 500 lbs woman is probably less healthy than a slim person who only smokes 3 cigarettes a day, but we all know that no group engaging in risky behavior consists exclusively of disciplined people who frown upon excess. My chainsmoking mother is a lot less healthy than my BMI-34 self. I’m willing to bet on this. 

You do not care for the health of fat people. Unless I missed the linguistic revolution where care is no longer defined by compassion and outreach, but by disrespect and discrimination. Then, yes, you “care” about us and our health. How is your health, by the way? I’m sure looking half your age when you’re 81, takes its toll on more than just your wallet. And your efforts aren’t even rewarded. 

Also, you look like a sunburnt beached blob fish and you actively and passionately chose and maintained that look, much unlike many fat people. Just saying. When I Google Image-searched your name, Google refused to load the results while my connection worked fine otherwise. My Internet will more readily load the “extras” in The Walking Dead, than your face…

Love the MJ nose though!



…yeah, I kinda only respect my elders when they act in a respectable manner.

Anna Giladi, Israel’s hottest fat girl