Anorexia against Feminism?

Yes, yes, misleading title, I know. Not all super-thin models are anorexic, and gender equality should not be labeled “feminism” but “a matter of course”. But I got your attention, right? There.

I just thought of something: What if the modern Western culture’s obsession with unhealthily skinny females (and muscular men) doesn’t so much spring from beauty ideals, but power issues? Being very skinny, so skinny you could jam a third leg between your thighs, isn’t sexy to most men. Super-skinny girls are often difficult in bed. They are difficult in relationships what with their constant obsession with weight and looks rather than just relaxing and cuddling instead of getting up early to look perfect for the day. 

But what they are first and foremost, is fragile-looking. They look fragile, weak, helpless, like that young child princess you want to carry on your arms and protect because she really, really needs it. And didn’t the whole skinny craze kind of start around the same time as the “liberation” of women and women rights? Isn’t it suspicious how the more independent from men women become, the more the beauty ideal of the super-thin, super-pale, super-fragile looking girl-woman is propagated? Young, thin, innocent, and maybe a bit dumb (blonde). Aka utterly dependent on the strong, authoritarian male. Like a child or a sick person. I mean, if it’s female but flat as hell, it’s easily described as child-like, and what are children, if not dependent and subject to adult male authority? Just like women used to be?

So, is the whole skinny propaganda really due to insecure males who fear for their position of power in the human society, government, and economy, the human hierarchy system? Is it because they want women to become/stay weak and dependent? By promising to consider them beautiful and desirable on the one innegotiable condition that they be weak? Is it brain wash, under that objective, maybe?

I think I might be on to something.